In 1947, The Stockyards, Arizona’s Original Steakhouse, opened its doors for the first time. The restaurant remained open throughout the years as the surrounding cattle pens slowly gave way to urban growth. The restaurant was remodeled during the 2003 – 2005 redevelopment of the last seven acres of the original 200 acre Stockyards site. Updates and upgrades to the kitchen and restrooms and restoration of the 1889 Saloon and Rose Room have improved efficiency and customer experience for this Arizona gem. Staying true to its heritage, The Stockyards Steakhouse continues to feature the finest corn-fed, aged steaks and prime rib. With an emphasis on hearty flavors, The Stockyards’ “New West Cuisine” embraces the culture and culinary trends of the Southwest, utilizing the freshest and highest quality indigenous ingredients in new and innovative ways. Selected as an Arizona Centennial Restaurant in 2012, The Stockyards Steakhouse remains a part of local history and a favorite gathering place for both tourists and local Arizonans.

World's Most Advanced Pathogen & Odor Control Solution

Our mission is to help people throughout the world make the environments in which they live, work, and play cleaner, safer and healthier. We strive to rid the world of harmful pathogens and odor-causing bacteria through the safe and effective use of our products, which are powered by our patented chlorine dioxide technology. Chlorine dioxide (commonly referred to as both CD and ClO2) has been used for years by large companies to sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize because it’s so safe and effective. CD is strong and effective and can destroy pathogens such as C. diff, norovirus, HIV, and Ebola; yet, at lower concentrations, it’s safe and gentle enough to wash fruits, vegetables and sanitize water.

From years of experience combining 3D graphics and aerial photography, AerialSphere developed a methodology to mass capture immersive 360° aerial photos and post process them to match each pixel to its longitude and latitude coordinate.

That’s important because until we developed our process, 360° aerial photography had dramatically limited utility. Once the latitude and longitude of the pixels in the image are determined the imagery becomes actionable. It’s possible to integrate Geographic Information Services (GIS) data into the imagery and locate points of interest, roads, street addresses, schools, churches, parcel data, or any other GIS data within the sphere. Mapmakers, real estate companies, travel and tourism specialists can use our process to enhance their applications.


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